Back to School September 2016

Welcome back to the beginning of a great year together!  I can’t wait to meet all of my students and their families and to start working together.  Check out the other links on this page to learn more about me and about our schedule this year.  Don’t forget to sign up for the Remind App using the handout from Open House.  I am new to it this year but am planning to use it as a way to keep in touch with parents and to send out updates about upcoming events and reminders.  I’m so excited to begin working together with you this year!


Week of March 21-25

Important Dates:


March 22 Famous Americans Test

March 25 Electronics and Game Day (2:30-3:45)


Week of February 15-19

This week we will work on identifying the main idea and details of nonfiction texts.  Students will be practicing that skill in both guided reading groups and during shared reading.  In writing we will be learning about singular possessives and also writing a topic sentence that focuses on the main idea of the story.  In math we will work on naming and describing solid (3-d) shapes; learning about points, lines, line segments, angles and rays; and also learning about congruent and non-congruent shapes.  In social studies we will learn about four European explorers and the impact that they had on the American Indians–Christopher Columbus, Christopher Newport, Juan Ponce de Leon, and Jacques Cartier.  Finally, students will all have the same sort for spelling.  They will be focusing on adding -er and -est in comparatives.  Have a wonderful week!

February 8-12

This week students are taking their math benchmark test on Monday at 1:30.  I will send the students’ scores home for reading and math in their Thursday folders.

In writing we will be working on a project where they are using prefixes and suffixes to change the meaning of words.  In shared reading, we will focus on comparing and contrasting characters and settings in one story and between two stories.  In math we will be finishing up division.  Students will take their division test on Thursday.  In science we will be finishing up our water cycle unit.