February 2-5

Upcoming Dates:

February 2 Reading Benchmark

February 8 Math Benchmark


January 28 and 29

I hope everyone enjoyed the snow days and spent time with family and friends!  Now that we are back to our routine (and I am finalizing grades for report cards), we have a busy two days ahead of us.

Thursday and Friday I will be finishing the last few students’ DRA and PALs tests.  Small group guided reading will resume next Tuesday, with many students starting in new groups.  In writing students will be finishing their writing prompts.  In math, we will review telling time, elapsed time, and equivalent periods of time and take our test.  We will begin division on Friday.  Finally, we will wrap up our study of matter in science Thursday and Friday.  We will review Thursday and students will take their test on Friday.

Week of January 19-22

This week I will continue DRA and PALS testing during guided reading.  In shared reading we will be working on Author’s Purpose.  Ask your child about how author’s purpose is easy as P.I.E.  In writing students are finishing their short reports on simple machines. In math we are wrapping up time.   Students are practicing telling time to the nearest minute, working with equivalent times, and finding how much time has elapsed.  Finally, we will continue learning about matter in science.  Students will be doing many different experiments to investigate the different states of matter and the physical properties of objects.

January 11-15

This week I will DRA test all students to find their independent reading level.  This will help me as I am making adjustments to students’ guided reading groups.  We will also begin new word study groups, based on the Words Their Way assessment students did right before break.

In writing we will research and write a short report on simple machines.  Students will be doing online research to gather information.  This will tie in with our simple machines unit in science.  Mid-week we will finish simple machines and begin matter in science.  In shared reading we will continue working on drawing conclusions on character traits.  We will also practice using context clues and nonfiction reference sources.  In math we will finish making change and begin telling time.

Important dates:

Simple Machines Test:  Tuesday January 12

Money Test:  Wednesday January 13

December 7-11

We have a busy week ahead of us!  In writing we will be focusing on writing a holiday story using linking phrases (because of this, for example) and dialogue.  Students will continue practicing asking and answering questions, this time in nonfiction texts and passages.  In math we are finishing our multiplication unit and will begin moving into money.  Students are expected to count a collection of coins and bills up to $5 and to make change from up to $5.  An easy way to practice this at home is to have students count coins and change from your wallet!  In social studies we will learn about ancient Rome and compare it to Greece.  Finally, the spelling sort for the week will be whole-class, with students practicing antonyms.

Important Dates:

Interims will go home Thursday December 10

SCA Installation Assembly is Friday December 11

November 30-December 4

This week third grade students are taking the Cogat test on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We will go to resource early on those days, from 9:40-10:25.  Starting at 10:25 students will be taking the Cogat test.  They will be finished each day by 11:30, in time for guided reading groups.

November 23 and 24

Welcome to a short week!  We have lots to get done Monday and Tuesday morning before we have some Thanksgiving fun on Tuesday afternoon.

We will take our addition and subtraction test Tuesday.  Tuesday afternoon I have a room parent coming in to work on a Thanksgiving craft with the students.  At 2:00, students are going outside to watch the staff/student football game.  Please have students dress warmly and bring a blanket or towel to sit on.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!